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(recommended ages 3-7)

Empowering Women & Children To Blossom Through The Arts

Azalea Blossom

Our Mission

Azalea Blossom, Incorporated is dedicated to the awareness, education, and prevention of domestic, social, and child abuse through the use of the performing and creative arts.


SAFE through the Arts is a bullying prevention program, which utilizes the arts to empower young children while embracing diversity. The program teaches specific tools and skills for children to build their self confidence, appropriately express their emotions, and engage in compassionate communication with others.

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Bricks in the Wall

The Bricks in the Wall project brings awareness and education to the general public on the lesser known aspects of domestic violence through a variety of music and media mediums. Through live concerts, the Bricks in the Wall music video and music CD, the Bricks project also brings healing to domestic violence victims of all ages and genders.

Internship Program

Azalea Blossom offers robust internship programs to students from accredited colleges and universities. Our Internships have provided students from a wide array of areas of study to gain an in-depth view of the inner workings of a non-profit organization as well as gaining valuable skills and knowledge in their field of interest.

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