Welcome to the February 2021 Letter!

Dear family and friends,

Thank you to our generous donors!

Thanks to our many generous donors, we were able to receive a match from our board president for $3,255. We are so grateful for our 2020 supporters that we would like to recognize all of you!
Maurice Catel, Kimberly Russel, Mette Ipsen, Nicole Simmons, Chisti Ma, Leela Graber, Kathryn Averett, John Willoughby, Cheryl Aoife Johnson, Julie Gibson Kinsheck, Steven Schrade, Craig Seaman, Cynthia Price, Paul C. Rapp, Esq, Dexter Nurse, Twitter, Ufouma Origbo, Melissa McGrath, Jeanette LoVetri, Brenda Echeverry, Natania Blumenkehl and Ismael Cortijo, Amanda Dolph, Suzanne Echeverry, Deborah Burns, Elizabeth Lombardi, Cornelia Schwartz, Helen Resnick, Bill Glover, Amanda Traub, George Ricci Esq, Barbara (Bobbi) Bernstein, Katie Cross, Ann Ahmed, Sharon Dolph, Natalie Adorno, Julian Jacobs, Steven Jacobs, Susan Kemp, Elaine McSpedon, Leanna Curley, Cynthia Shepherd, Jacob Lawton, Janet Files, Burt Reiter, Sandy Sorrell, Billy Whitbeck, Carolyn Cirintski, Rick and Paula Lawton, Herbie Berger-Hershkowitz, Heather Campbell Gee, Janet Nally, Margaret Bernstein, Chelsea Cross, Danny and Voke Elstein, Gwen Marable, Stewarts Shops.

You will be able to see the full updated list of donors on our new website next month.

SAVE the date- March 21st 5 PM PST/ 8 PM EST
Benefit concert with jazz guitarist, Mimi Fox

We are so excited to announce that Margaret’s long time friend and music colleague, jazz guitar legend Mimi Fox, will be performing a solo benefit concert for the SAFE through arts bullying prevention program. The concert will take place virtually on Sunday, March 21stat5 PM PST/8 PM EST so that you will be able to enjoy beautiful original compositions as well as favorite standards from your living room! Mimi, who is a six-time DownBeat magazine International Critics Poll winner, performed on Margaret’s “On the Threshold of Change” CD. ALL proceeds will be utilized towards the pilot of the new SAFE through the arts television series, which we hope to air later this spring.

Read Mimi Fox’s bio here!

Exciting update from SAFE through the arts

The SAFE through the arts program has evolved since its inception in 2009. Beginning as a domestic violence awareness program for middle school students in rural communities, it has served as an arts based bully prevention program for PreK, kindergarten and Special Education K-2 students in urban public schools within New York State for the last several years. Now, thanks to COVID, we are evolving again so that the vital messages and dynamic curriculum of the SAFE through the arts program has the opportunity to reach a wider audience of children and adults alike through our virtual programming. Please stay tuned for further news about our upcoming SAFE through the arts pilot and television series!

Experience SAFE through the arts

SAFE through the arts is more than a bullying prevention program. It is an educational program, which engages the creative and performing arts to empower and teach diversity and inclusion awareness and compassion to young children. We utilize puppets, music and visual arts to bring our lessons alive. You can get a taste of our program through watching the puppet segment. Click here to watch the skit “It’s Okay to Be Different” and here to watch the song “I Like You and I Like Me” !

Keep spreading the Love!

At Azalea Blossom, we celebrate Valentine’s Day all month long! We view it as a celebration of love rather than a romantic holiday. Thank you for all you to do keep spreading the love to others-your family, friends, neighbors, and children in need. Please remember to keep loving and being compassionate to yourself too!

Quotation of the month

“All else may fail-Love never fails.” (Meher Baba)
With love, best wishes and gratitude, xo

Margaret Jean Bernstein
Founder and Executive Director,
Azalea Blossom, Incorporated

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February 2021 Letter

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