Staff Appreciation Meeting after the Pandemic

Warmer weather and efficient rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine meant that the Azalea Blossom team got to meet for a Staff Appreciation dinner in-person last week! Margaret Jean Bernstein (Founder and Director), Amy Gong (Art Director), Sharrvaari Morgaonkkar (Database Administrator), and Nour Yamanita (Music Coordinator) met at Mint Heights in Brooklyn, New York for wonderful Indian food. Dinner was followed by tea and dessert, as Margaret generously presented the team with a lovely edible bouquet. 

The team expressed gratitude for the fact that Azalea Blossom, Inc. was able to operate successfully, even during the pandemic, and for meaningful connection after many months of social distancing. Some of these team members had the opportunity to meet in person for the first time, while for others it was the first time reconnecting after as long as three years apart. 

Azalea Blossom, Inc. truly fosters friendships due to values such as inclusion, the equality of all human beings, and compassion as the basis for all relationships. The friendship between Amy and Sharrvaari is a perfect example of this. Upon meeting for the first time in 2018, Sharrvaari and Amy instantly bonded over common interests such as their recent travels to India, love for adventures in Manhattan, passion for important topics such as mental health, and compassion for others. The two are still coworkers and best friends today, and will always continue to nourish their blossoming friendship. 

Overall, the Staff Appreciation meeting was an inspiring reminder of all that Azalea Blossom, Inc. has been able to accomplish during a difficult year, as well as the delightful community Azalea Blossom, Inc. has created for its team members and will continue to create for those to come. 

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