5/21/22 Minutes

4:02pm We began with a serenity prayer (the strength to accept what we cannot control).

4:05pm Margarent and Chelsea discuss the importance of documentation, the fact that Steve has ignored emails from both Chelsea and from Amy, been in contact with Margaret (with last contact being one of negative nature), and how legal action may be needed for Steve to comply given that he seems only to respond to Margaret.

4:08pm Margarent leaves to check on Heather.
4:12pm M and C discuss reaching out to lawyers who have donated in the past, asking if they are willing to oversee/draft a letter or email on behalf of AZ pro bono in order to retrieve the files from Steve.  Potential people to ask include: Nicole Simmons, Melissa McGrath, Gregory Carmen, Laurs Ren, Alexander McSpedon, George Ricci (may not do it for free)
4:25pm Rescheduled meeting for tomorrow 5/22 @ 10am!