Bricks in the Wall project

Book a Program

Azalea Blossom, Incorporated provides the “Bricks in the Wall” program free of charge to Women’s Shelters within New York State and Western New England. If you are a women’s shelter wishing to book a “Bricks in the Wall” program, please contact us at for further information and availability.

Those interested in funding the “Bricks in the Wall” Shelter Project please visit our Support page for further information. College/University affiliations or community organization interested in booking a “Bricks in the Wall” program may do so at $375 per program (including travel expenses). Please send inquiries to


Also thanks to Tina Clarke, Jeremiah Rusconi, Bunty Bernstein, Mary and Christi Jo Zambri, Dave Bratton, Cynthia Riggins, Art Tessitore.


The “Bricks in the Wall” music video was filmed on location in Hudson, New York; Brooklyn (including the Three Brothers Mini Market); Queens, New York; and at the Manhattan Theater Source, NYC.