Bricks in the Wall project

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Different offerings will soon be available for booking with the Bricks in the Wall program! These sessions and workshops will include events and activities such as our Founder and Director Margaret Jean Bernstein sharing her story and performing beautiful songs from the Bricks in the Wall album, empowerment exercises from the SAFE through the arts program, beginner Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes with a trauma-informed social-emotional learning (SEL) focus, and art therapy exercises. 



Also thanks to Tina Clarke, Jeremiah Rusconi, Bunty Bernstein, Mary and Christi Jo Zambri, Dave Bratton, Cynthia Riggins, Art Tessitore.


The “Bricks in the Wall” music video was filmed on location in Hudson, New York; Brooklyn (including the Three Brothers Mini Market); Queens, New York; and at the Manhattan Theater Source, NYC.