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Bricks in the Wall CD

The album ”Bricks in the Wall” is comprised of eleven original songs aimed based on personal experience with the aim of generating awareness of Domestic Violence. It is the journey from realizing that something is amiss in a relationship in the dynamic “Breath of Air” to getting through the pain to a place of solace in the “Light at the End of the Tunnel”. Whereas “Bricks in the Wall” and “the fight to be Strong” speak directly with the violence, other songs such as “Let You Go”, “The Life We Never Had”, “Nothing Left to Do but Say Goodbye” and “The Bare Minimum” deal with the emotions usually associated with leaving a relationship. The album is balanced by the compassionate ballads of self-acceptance, “Midnight” and “ Curtain Falls” as well as the lushly orchestrated “You Must Have Heard Me Pray,” addressing the issue of child custody.

The album, co-produced by Margaret Bernstein and Lou Giminez, features Margaret Bernstein on vocals, piano, and flute as well as over a dozen guest musicians from the greater New York City area. It has been recorded at the Music Lab studio in Elmont, New York, and at Marc Dann’s studio in Woodstock, NY. The Album, which is accompanied by a DVD of the music video of the title song, “Bricks in the Wall”.

Three dollars from every CD sold benefits the SAFE through the Arts violence prevention program.

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