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Featured Former Interns

Faith Ahmed


Coming from Deer Park, Long Island, Intern Director of Social Media and Marketing, Faith Ahmed, is a senior at Hunter College where she is a media and film studies major and an Arabic minor. For the last year, Ms. Ahmed has also worked as Editor-In-Chief of Hunter College’s publication, Cult. Magazine. Outside of class, she enjoys filmmaking and performing. Singing since the age of seven, Ms. Ahmed can last be seen on stages Maria in Smithtown Performing Arts Center’s production of “West Side Story.” In addition, she can also be heard as the voice of Lucinda and Melinda Mouse in SAFE through the Arts latest program. Her love for music and passion for human rights made her both eager and excited to be working with Azalea Blossom.

Amy Gong


Amy Gong is currently Director of Art and Design for the SAFE through the arts program and a sophomore at Rutgers University where she is an art and psychology double major with a minor in business administration. Having completed a successful internship with Azalea Blossom during the summer of 2016, she was able to stay on as an independent contractor, thanks to generous support from Stewart’s Shops. Of her internship, she has said, “Through this internship, I have gained priceless work experience, valuable insight in working with a team, and knowledge that allowed me to grow as a person, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Azalea Blossom Inc. allowed me to utilize and expand my skills as an artist and as a student in today’s competitive job market. Through Azalea Blossom, I have improved my skills in using Adobe Illustrator, which will serve me immensely well throughout my artistic career. This internship has provided me with the opportunity to be creative in an environment where constructive feedback was always given and excellence was always achieved, yet never at the expense of having respect and mutual appreciation regarding everyone’s work. I learned the value of networking and building relationships in which resulted in having an interest in the people that we were surrounded by every day. During meetings, I received the chance to state my opinion on things extremely paramount to the company, such as suggestions for the company’s new logo. This is not the typical internship opportunity one will receive at other corporations, yet it is this type of trust that allows one to grow into that high expectation. The people I was able to work under acted as mentors for me by correcting me as needed and reminding me of my value. That belief in love for humanity is one of the chief driving forces behind this company.” Read more about her here!

Natalie Adorno


Natalie first came across Azalea Blossom during college in 2008. She was the Public Relations and Marketing Assistant Intern before she graduated that year with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies and a Minor in Public Relations. During her time as an intern, she helped coordinate the SAFE program and arranged the SAFE convention. She publicized Azalea Blossom on local websites and updated the official website. Natalie is now back with Azalea Blossom and holds the Secretary/Treasurer position as one of the Board Members. She is enthused to be working with Azalea Blossom again. She is passionate about preventing domestic violence and knows that spreading awareness through education is the way. Natalie is excited about the future of the SAFE through the Arts program and cannot wait to see the impact it has on the future generation to help change the world. Read more about her here!

Chelsea Cross


Chelsea Cross graduated from Oberlin College in May 2015 with a major in Sociology and minor in Hispanic Studies with an additional educational concentration in early developmental learning and alternative pedagogy. She has been involved with Azalea Blossom, Incorporated since 2008 in several different capacities including social media outreach, contributing to the SAFE through the Arts program, and grant writing. Now a board member, Chelsea aspires to continue gaining leadership experience through service-related work and obtain a master’s degree in a nonprofit organization. Read more about her here!

“My work at Azalea Blossom, Incorporated taught me two main things: the importance of proper business networking and persistent hard work. You meet people from all kinds of backgrounds with various types of experiences and connections with others and you never know where a friendship with one person will lead. Working for a nonprofit organization requires a dedication that goes beyond the work that you do in the office. It is rewarding and fulfilling not only watching the progress of such a good cause but knowing that you are helping to make a positive change in the world around you.”- Bethany Hicks, Former Intern (SUNY Albany).

Volunteering Opportunities

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Azalea Blossom, Incorporated offers a variety of opportunities for volunteering including (but not limited to) serving on the Board of Directors or a committee, fundraising, participating at a special event, and engaging in an internship or community service project. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in any of the opportunities we have to volunteer within our organization.