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SAFE through the arts is an arts based bullying prevention program, which empowers young children while embracing diversity. SAFE addresses the root causes of bullying through teaching specific tools and skills for young children to build their self confidence, appropriately express their emotions, and engage in compassionate communication with others. 


Is a Bullying prevention program

The SAFE through the arts program has been implemented as an educational program in PreK, kindergarten and Special Education classrooms in underserved public schools during the last three years. Previously, SAFE through the arts took place in public middle schools as a domestic violence awareness program. Currently, due to COVID 19, we are working on implementing the SAFE through the arts program through alternative mediums including internet broadcasting and a television series. In addition, the positive messages of the SAFE through the arts program can be heard on the award winning CD, “Songs from SAFE through the arts”. 

In both the school program and television series, the sixteen unique puppet characters are an integral part of the SAFE through the arts program. These puppets were especially designed for the program based on the diverse demographics of our urban public schools. Through original songs and scripts, these characters teach children important life lessons. Word Bird teaches children how to use their kind and polite words; Charlie Chipmunk and Friendly Frog teach children how to use their “Happy Hands and Friendly Feet” at all times, and Teacher Beaver helps children discover their unique selves while getting along with others.