Television Series

Watch a sneak peak of the song "Princess of Positivity"!

Performed by Amanda Dolph

Written by Margaret Jean Bernstein

All Rights Reserved ®

The SAFE through the arts television series is based upon the original SAFE through the arts program, which takes place in PreK, kindergarten and Special Education classrooms in schools with economically challenged and demographically diverse populations. The SAFE television series also teaches children specific tools for building up ones self-esteem, appropriately expressing emotions, and communicating with kindness. Diversity is embraced and the Arts are integrated throughout the series.

We are currently working on developing a series of twenty half-hour television episodes. During this pandemic, we wanted to make sure that children were continuing to be exposed to positive messaging while being engaged in the arts. Each episode will consist of the following segments: a lesson, a drawing activity, a song and a “Meet our friends” segment in which people from different countries and backgrounds zoom in to interact with the puppets. The sixteen puppet characters will continue to be an integral part of the SAFE through the arts television programming.